Aberdare Cables – All types but especially rubber trailing cables and including welding cable.

Electrical control gear – All our panels are fitted with Circuit Breaker Industries.

Cable connectors – Victor and Proof flameproof connectors. Hellerman, Pratley and CCG cable glands.

Cable Accesories – Ferrules and crimping lugs for all cable sizes. Joint kits H.T. and L.T. A wide range of tapes

Industrial Gearboxes – New, second-hand and reconditioned units, flameproof and non-flameproof. David Brown, Hansen, Flender, Eickhoff, Siemens etc

Electrical Motors – New and reconditioned, flameproof and non-flameproof

Transformers – We stock a wide range of reconditioned oil cooled and flameproof transformers

Electrical Control Panels – We build to the customer’s specifications – flameproof and non-flameproof.

H.T. Switchgear – We stock and refurbish H.T. switchgear up to and including 22KV

Bearings / Seals – Roller bearings, needle bearings, universal bearings, plumber block sleeves & bearings.

Bolts & Nuts – HT Bolts, MS Bolts & Nuts, SHCS screws, counter sunk cap screws, brass bolt & nuts. All size nyloc nuts, threaded rods & bolts made to customer specs.

Pumps – Flight pumps, KSB pumps, VE80 pumps, borehole pumps ect.

Electrical Flame Proof Underground Drill – 125v AC, 3 Phase